THERMODYNAMICS WITH FINITE SPEED (TFS) II. Validation of the direct method for Stirling engine cycles with finite speed

Autor/autori: Professor Stoian PETRESCU, Professor Monica COSTEA, Professor Traian FLOREA, Assoc.Professor Nicolae BORIARU, professor Gheorghe POPESCU

Abstract: This paper has two parts. In the first part we present: “The Development of the Scheme of Computation for Stirling Cycle with Finite Speed Performances (Efficiency and Power)”. Because this Computation Scheme of the Performances (Efficiency and Power) is the most important Achievement of the Direct Method utilization, from Thermodynamics with Finite Speed, we describe here the “process of its discovery and invention” from the epistemological point of view, in order to show how important is and was (for me, SP) the connection between teaching and research in generating and developing new ideas. In the Second part of this Chapter we developed this Scheme, showing also its Validation on 12 of the most performing Stirling Engines in the world (USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden), and 16 Operating Regimes.

Keywords: validation of direct method for Stirling engines, internal losses in stirling machines, thermodynamics with finite speed