Autor/autori: Ing. Florentina CALUGARU, Conf.dr.ing. Ionel PISA

Rezumat: Dezvoltarea durabila presupune asigurarea unui echilibru optim intre dezvoltarea economica si pastrarea caracteristicilor mediului inconjurator. Sectorul energetic produce energie cu emiterea de emisii poluante, fapt pentru care se cauta solutii pentru reducerea acestora prin implementarea de noi tehnologii mai eficiente si mai curate. Articolul trateaza schimbarea combustibilului cu mixturi de combustibili lichizi ca metoda de reducere a emisiilor de NOx, SO2, CO2 in instalatiile energetice. Experimentele pe focarul de 2 MW de la ETCN-UPB si rezultatele calculelor numerice ale emisiilor de NOx demonstreaza ca introducerea mixturilor de CLU si ulei vegetal poate conduce la economii de combustibili fosili si la reducerea emisiilor poluante rezultate din arderea la instalatiile de putere medie si mare. Potentialul agricol al Romaniei este capabil sa asigure, prin utilizarea resurselor locale, dezvoltarea durabila in sectorul energetic.

Cuvinte cheie: gaze cu efect de sera, NOx, SO2, emisii de CO2, potentialul biomasei, amestec de combustibil lichid si de ulei vegetal, calculul NOx, procesul de ardere.

Abstract: The durable development implies the assurement of an optimal balance between the economic development and the preservation of the environmental features. The energy sector produces energy with the result of the pollutant emissions, this fact involving the search of the solutions for their reducing by new technologies more efficient and cleaner. The paper is focusing on the changing the fuel by liquid fuel mixtures as a method of reducing of NOx, SO2, CO2 in power plants. The experiments at the 2 MW furnace, located at Nuclear, Classic and Thermomechanical Equipment Department from Politechnica University of Bucharest and the results of numerical computations of NOx emissions prove that the introduction of the LFO and vegetable oil mixtures can lead to fossil fuels savings and to pollutant emissions by combustion process from average and big power plants. The agricultural potential of Romania is able to assure, by using the local sources, the durable development in the energy sector.

Keywords: greenhouse gas, NOx, SO2, CO2 emissions, biomass potential, mixture of light fuel oil and vegetable oil, NOx computation, combustion process.