Optimization of diameter ratio for alpha-type stirling engines

Autor/autori: Vlad Mario HOMUTESCU, Dan-Teodor BALANESCU

Rezumat: The problem of the constructive dimensioning and optimization of the Stirling machines is still insufficiently studied. The paper analyzes the alpha-type Stirling engine from the point of view of the constructive optimization, by choosing the optimum ratio between the diameters of the two cylinders in the machine composition. This theoretical analysis showed that, by analyzing the functioning of the engine with either an isothermal model or the adiabatic model without or with losses taken into consideration, an optimum value of the diameter ratio exists, for which the work produced by the engine takes a maximum value. The optimum diameter ratio is calculated for a numerical example.

Cuvinte cheie: alpha-type Stirling engine, diameter ratio optimization, adiabatic model