Etude experimentale d’un moteur stirling ltd de type gamma, influence des parametres physiques et geometriques sur le fonctionnement du moteur. comparaison avec des modeles de simulation

Autor/autori: Lavinia GROSU, Pierre ROCHELLE, Nadia MARTAJ, Stoian PETRESCU, Monica COSTEA

Rezumat: The paper presents the study of the influence of physical and geometrical parameters on the operating characteristics of a LTD (Low Temperature Differential) Stirling engine and the experimental results obtained from a bench tests. Analysis of these results allows pointing out the importance of a "good" design of the engine. Thus, by varying only two parameters: the displacer piston stroke and the phase angle between the two pistons (displacer piston and working piston), one obtains large differences in the Engine Operating Performances. These results are compared with those issued from simulation models that give, as by-product, an estimate of the relationship between the evolution of the wall heat transfer coefficient and the engine speed of revolution.

Cuvinte cheie: Stirling engine, test bench, numerical simulation, convective heat transfer variation law