Specifics of the atomization and evaporation processes through the application of pulse combustion

Autor/autori: C.E. Hritcu , P.D. Vasiliu, F.G. Florean, T. Cuciuc

Rezumat: The application field of the pulse combustion can be extended in several domains, especially in agriculture, where it can be used for plants protection against freezing by controlling the parameters of the pulsating gas flow. There are presented the results of the experimental research regarding the influence of the pulsating gas flow over the water atomization and evaporation processes. It is shown that the gas temperature can be controlled by water injection in the resonance exhaust tube; the influence over the pulsating combustion process is insignificant. It was revealed that water evaporation process is more efficient when the unsteady flow (pulsating) is used than in the case of the steady flow. Consequently, the water evaporation area is shorter.

Cuvinte cheie: pulse combustion, heat transfer, atomization, evaporation, high efficiency