Optimal ecological performance of a generalized irreversible carnot heat pump with complex heat transfer law

Autor/autori: Jun LI, Lingen CHEN, Fengrui SUN

Rezumat: The optimal exergy-based ecological performance of an irreversible Carnot heat pump with the losses of heat-resistance, heat leakage and internal irreversibility, in which the transfer between the working fluid and the heat reservoirs obeys a complex heat transfer law , is derived by taking an ecological optimization criterion as the objective, which consists of maximizing a function representing the best compromise between exergy output rate and exergy loss rate (entropy production rate) of the heat pump. Some special examples are discussed. The results can provide some theoretical guidelines for the designs of practical heat pump.

Cuvinte cheie: finite time thermodynamics, irreversible Carnot heat pump, ecological optimization, heat transfer law.