Expressing numerically the local total pollution by using general environmental quality grade (GEQG)

Autor/autori: Ion C. IONITA, Ion V. ION, Simona L. PARASCHIV, Spiru PARASCHIV

Rezumat: People are speaking about pollution provoked by different means of human activity and they express every kind of pollution measuring it by different measure units, like: ppm CO2 for atmospheric air, mg of solid particles/ cubic meter of fresh air, dB of noise into a room etc. As effect on to human organism we are interested and we need to express the local total pollution, composed by all kinds of polluting processes exerted on environmental atmosphere, water, soil and so on, but until now there is not a unique measure unit for it. The paper presents a procedure to express numerically, by one single figure, the local total environmental pollution in a certain livable geographic point or small area, in order that this figure to totally characterize the above-mentioned environmental pollution. The paper proposes using of General Environmental Quality Grade (GEQG), a general numerical indicator of the environmental quality of a certain geographical place, area or zone.

Cuvinte cheie: environmental protection