Numerical and economic investigation of a parabolic trough linear CPV/T system

Autor/autori: Wafa BEN YOUSSEF, Taher MAATALLAH, Christophe Ménézo, Sassi BEN NASSRALLAH - p11-20

Abstract: Solar energy is usually considered one of the most viable renewable energies and it exploitation is a promising for covering a variety of energy needs of our society. Moreover, the development of solar conversion systems becomes one of the most important intentions of many countries. Solar energy can be exploited for producing simultaneously electricity and heat by the use of concentrating photovoltaic thermal systems CPV/T. Recently, this technology have gained significant attention throughout due to their great performance in terms of capturing, converting and storing energy. The present study establishes the modeling of a CPV/T installation in order to analyze its performances. A mathematical model and a detailed economic analyze were investigated to evaluate the energy feasibility of the system under investigation and to prove it viability under Tunisia conditions.

Keywords: Solar energy; CPV/T; simulation model; economic analyze