Autor/autori: Arpad TÖRÖK, Stoian PETRESCU, Gheorghe POPESCU, Michel FEIDT (Franta)

Abstract: Compression and expansion of the gases and vapors are frequent thermodynamic processes in a wide range of applications. Like any thermodynamic process, they are accompanied inherently by a series of internal and external irreversible processes. Between these two types of irreversibility occur essential differences on the way of exposition. An essential difference between them is evidenced in reference [1] by stating the following optimal control principle: the optimal solutions for processes in finite time, taking place in a real thermodynamic systems are bounded by the optimal solutions of the endoreversible versions of this system. As in the other thermodynamic systems, the first step to optimize the behavior of the compressors and the plants which contain compressors, are made of a theoretical model, which do not have internal irreversibility. The actual compressors in the state of the art are quite different than this theoretical model. In this paper, we describe the physical model of a reciprocating compressor, perfectly achievable with current technical means, the characteristics of which approach those of ideal compressor.

Keywords: endoreversible compressor, optimization of the piston speed, entropy generation minimization, isothermal compression