Autor/autori: Arpad TOROK, Stoian PETRESCU, Gheorghe POPESCU, Michel FEIDT (Franta)

Abstract: This paper is a continuation of efforts made by the authors for developing new systems for compression and expansion of gases and vapors, systems in that the development of processes receives a pronounced isothermal character. In the theoretical analysis of the first part of the paper, we analyze the characteristics of polytrope transformations that occur in the installations for compression and expansion of the state of the art. Are highlighted, clearly, the conditions to be satisfied by these transformations to be as close as possible than an isothermal transformation, and the power limitations resulting from such conditions. Next, we review a number of practical achievements and theoretical studies that overcome these limitations by replacing the solid mobile organ via a liquid piston. We also propose several original types of compressors and expanders with liquid piston and a series of installations that take advantage of this type of driving

Keywords: gas and vapor compression and expansion, quasi-isothermal processes, isothermal processes, liquid piston