THERMODYNAMICS WITH FINITE SPEED (TFS) I. The main moments in the development of TFS. Aplication of the direct method to Otto and Diesel irreversible cycles

Autor/autori: Prof. Stoian PETRESCU, Prof. Monica COSTEA, Assoc. Prof. Nicolae BORIARU, Prof. Michel FEIDT (Franta), Prof. Alexandru DOBROVICESCU, Prof. George ST?NESCU, Prof. Tudor FLOREA, Assoc. Prof. Camelia PETRE, Cristea LEONTIEV, PhD., Emil BANCHES, PhD

Abstract: The Direct Method from Thermodynamics]1 with Finite Speed (TFS) studies the irreversibilities (internal and external) produced during operation of real thermal machines, through progressive analysis and direct integration of the First Law of Thermodynamics, combined with the Second Law of Thermodynamics for processes with Finite Speed, for each process of the cycle. Thus are obtained analytical expressions for the Efficiency (for Power cycles), respectively COP (for Refrigeration Machines and Heat Pumps) and Power (produced, respectively consumed) function of the speed of the processes and of the functional and geometrical parameters of the machine. This paper presents the Main Moments in the Development of Thermodynamics with Finite Speed and Direct Method “invented” in its framework. Recent Progresses in Application of the Direct Method to Otto and Diesel cycles are presented.

Keywords: Thermodynamics with Finite Speed, Direct Method, Finite Speed Processes, Irreversible Efficiency, Irreversible Power, Irreversible COP, Stirling Machines, Otto and Diesel cycles Optimization