Autor/autori: Al. DOBROVICESCU

Abstract: The aim ofthis work is Io bring an argument on behalj'of the use of the exergy concept in the operating and optimization ana'.ysis of energetic complex systems. To assess the proper unitary cost to each oue of the several produc/s of a complex system, the economic global balance equation of the system must be compleled with additiona! conditions. The exergetic equivalence succeeds in bringing to the same level differenl types of energy; by this way the cost assessing gets closer to reality. The extract ion method and the principal product hypothesis can also be considered. For a single product system, the optimization procedure based only on the first principie of thermodynamics leads Io extremely difficult calcalalions. The use of the exergy concept in this last case represents a useful instrument that can lead to the decentralization of the complex system making possible the local optimization of the productive zones.